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When You Need a Professional Crime Scene Cleaning Service


No one anticipates finding themselves in a situation requiring the services of a professional biohazard remediation company or crime scene cleaner. However, there are three distinct circumstances in which the expertise of a specialist cleaning service becomes invaluable. Whether it’s dealing with the aftermath of a problematic death, the challenging lifestyle of the deceased, or an undiscovered body, professional crime scene cleaners offer crucial assistance during these difficult times. This article will explore these three situations and the steps involved in hiring a professional crime scene cleaning service.

Situation 1: Deaths Resulting in Complex Cleanup.

The first scenario that may necessitate the involvement of a professional crime scene cleaning service is when the death itself creates a challenging cleanup task. When the body fluids have damaged furniture or other surfaces, the family may prefer to dispose of the affected items rather than attempt to clean them. Unfortunately, some deaths have circumstances that require more extensive cleaning. These situations often include deaths from unknown causes or illnesses, homicides, suicides, or accidents involving traumatic injuries. Professional crime scene cleaners have the expertise, specialized equipment, and training to effectively and safely remediate such areas.

Situation 2: Cleaning Challenging Living Environments

The second situation where the assistance of a professional crime scene cleaning service is invaluable is when the deceased’s lifestyle has made their living environment challenging to handle for the family or executor. These circumstances can arise from various factors, such as items associated with intravenous drug use or a lifestyle that has resulted in a substantial accumulation of belongings. The overwhelming nature of these situations often makes access to the premises hazardous or even impossible for the family. Professional crime scene cleaners can help clear out and clean these challenging living environments, providing the necessary support and expertise to alleviate the burden on the family.

Situation 3: Discovering an Undiscovered Body

The third scenario in which a professional crime scene cleaning service plays a crucial role is when an individual dies at home and remains undiscovered for an extended period. While a funeral director will remove the body on behalf of the coroner, the state of the house can be disorderly and distressing for the family. It is important to note that finding oneself in this situation should not cause embarrassment. Professional crime scene cleaners have encountered such circumstances numerous times and can help restore the home to a clean and habitable state. Our extensive experience allows AAA Scene Cleaners to offer valuable guidance and support during this challenging time.

In situations involving complex cleanups, challenging living environments, or the discovery of an undiscovered body, the services of a professional crime scene cleaning company are indispensable. AAA Scene Cleaners sets the bar for industry excellence with our three decades of experience, exceptional training, and compassion. Our protocols, procedures, and dedicated team of career firefighters ensure that personal items can be retrieved, cleaned, and disinfected to the family’s satisfaction. By providing references, a detailed scope of work, and being fully insured, AAA Scene Cleaners instills confidence in our clients, making us the trusted choice for biohazard remediation and crime scene cleaning.

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