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The Disinfection Solution That Fights Anthrax and Decontamination


A clean work environment is a valuable attribute that many emergency professionals value. However, first responders know that cleanliness is only sometimes an option when they prioritize providing adequate patient care. 

The good news is that first responders don’t need to rely on multiple products to eliminate pathogens in their work areas. Instead, they can use a single-step, non-toxic cleaning solution called SteraMist from TOMI Environmental Solutions to disinfect their workspaces quickly. 

SteraMist’s simple disinfection method, developed over many decades, is now an easy-to-use option for those on the front lines.


Initially, SteraMist was not designed to provide a non-toxic decontamination method for first responders. Instead, it was created to protect the United States against weaponized anthrax spores. According to TOMI Environmental Solutions, the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) funded the development of SteraMist technology after 9/11 and subsequent anthrax scares. Their commercially viable product effectively controlled anthrax and other infections. As a result, the healthcare and technology sectors quickly adopted SteraMist to use in their work areas. 

White House Office of Technology (WHOT) and Science Policy and Centers for Disease Control (SPCDC) noticed SteraMist’s ability to decontaminate surfaces and air in 2015. To address the Ebola outbreak in Africa, all three agencies awarded TOMI Environmental Solutions a grant. Also, first responders from the COVID-19 pandemic sought SteraMist due to its ease of use and ability to eliminate various pathogens quickly.


SteraMist is a disinfectant that uses ionized hydrogen peroxide (IHP) to decontaminate surfaces and air spaces. The process creates a fine mist distributed throughout the area to be disinfected. The mist contains ionized hydrogen peroxide molecules with an electric charge. These ions attract and neutralize microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and spores. 


First responders interested in using SteraMist can obtain it for disinfection use. The SteraMist Environment System fogs enclosed spaces using three applicators, which can be administered remotely. SteraMist can also be transported so that EMS personnel can use one fogger in various environments. In terms of ambulances, SteraMist can disinfect the interior of the vehicle, including the patient compartment, to ensure that it is free of harmful microorganisms and safe for medical personnel and patients.

The SteraMist Surface Unit can clean sensitive equipment and frequently touched surfaces. The SteraPak is the latest solution to single-step decontamination. This portable system can be used on any surface, room, or item that EMS personnel need to clean.


TOMI Environmental Solutions products are certified by the Organic Review Materials Institute (ORMI) as non-toxic and registered as an EPA hospital-healthcare and broad-spectrum system and equipment provider. In addition, the company has extensively tested its technology to register with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

First responders can use SteraMist to enhance their single-step decontamination efforts when time is of the essence. Call us to learn how we can help disinfect your work area needs using SteraMist as the ultimate solution. 

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