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Do Police or Firefighters Cleanup After a Suicide?

cleanup after suicide

In the aftermath of a traumatic event like a suicide, one question that often arises is: Will the police or fire department clean up the room where my family member committed suicide?

It’s a reasonable question, given their role in responding to emergencies. However, the reality is that the police and fire departments typically do not handle the cleanup after such incidents and for several good reasons.

First and foremost, the primary responsibility of the police and fire departments is to respond to emergencies, ensure public safety, and conduct investigations when necessary. Their focus is on addressing immediate threats, preserving evidence, and ensuring the public’s safety. Cleaning and remediating a scene are typically beyond the scope of their duties.

Moreover, cleaning up after a suicide, especially when it involves blood or bodily fluids, requires specialized training, equipment, and knowledge of biohazardous material handling. Police and firefighters do not have the training or equipment to perform biohazard cleanup safely and effectively. Handling biohazardous materials without proper training and protective gear can pose serious health risks.

Additionally, legal and liability considerations come into play. Strict protocols and legal regulations often bind law enforcement agencies and fire departments. Attempting to clean up a scene may interfere with an ongoing investigation or lead to potential legal liabilities if not done correctly.

Furthermore, after a traumatic event like a suicide, individuals affected by the incident, such as family members or witnesses, may require emotional support and counseling. While police and fire personnel may provide information about available support services, they are not equipped to offer the extensive emotional assistance that may be needed.

Given these reasons, it is typically the responsibility of the property owner or the deceased person’s family to arrange for professional biohazard cleaning services to address the cleanup and decontamination of the scene. These specialized cleaning services have the expertise, equipment, and training to ensure that the area is adequately cleaned, sanitized, and restored to a safe and habitable condition.

If you are in this situation, contacting a professional biohazard cleaning company like AAA Scene Cleaners or a similar service provider is advisable. They can safely and compassionately handle the cleanup while adhering to all necessary regulations and guidelines, allowing you to focus on emotional recovery and support for your family.

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