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What Is Unattended Death, and Who Do You Call For Help?


Losing someone you love can be extremely overwhelming, especially if they pass away alone. When someone passes away alone, it is called unattended death. Some unattended deaths mean the person who passed away has not been found for several hours, weeks, or even months.

During these tragic times, our professional cleanup services benefit family members or commercial property owners who need immediate assistance. Our compassionate and discreet team arrives on the scene to carefully communicate the process, costs, and payment options and to work with insurance companies to cover the expenses. As a result, many families, property owners, and businesses have used our services to help them get back on track quickly and safely. 

What is unattended death cleanup?

Unattended death cleanup is our way to give back to those who have lost their loved ones. When our team enters any unattended death situation, we will handle the tragic situation as discreetly and quickly as possible while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism. When we work with clients and their loved ones during such difficult times, we are committed to respect, understanding, compassion, integrity, and honesty. As a result, we can work with grieving families and provide the immediate help they need.

Why hire a professional service for unattended death cleanup?

We strongly discourage anyone from cleaning up an unattended death scene alone. Why? Because many factors can impact someone’s health, both in the short- and long-term, from dealing with this tragic and toxic situation. Unseen biological factors can harm even the healthiest person exposed to someone who has passed away. That is why it is essential to contact us as soon as possible.

Why choose AAA Scene Cleaners?

One of the most important reasons to contact us for your unattended death cleanup is that we compassionately lead each job. We approach everyone involved in a tragic, unattended death with dignity and respect.

Also, our highly skilled and professional technicians deliver exceptional unattended death cleaning services. We use the industry’s highest quality tools and equipment to provide a spotless unattended death cleanup and protect our clients with our compliance with the strict regulations and laws about proper bio-hazard waste disposal.


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