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Service with compassion is our purpose.

AAA Scene Cleaners is a trusted family-owned business founded by Warren Muncy, a dedicated professional firefighter with over 30 years of experience in emergency incident management. Recognizing the need for specialized cleanup services after traumatic events, Warren was inspired to establish AAA Scene Cleaners after witnessing families struggle to find reliable assistance during challenging times.

Since 2004, AAA Scene Cleaners has been a certified and insured provider of Crime and Trauma Scene Cleanup, Disinfection Services, and Sharps and Medical Waste Disposal in Texas. Our team, comprised of compassionate experts, specializes in the meticulous cleaning of suicide, homicide, and unattended death scenes, ensuring legal and proper disposal of medical waste and sharps.

AAA Scene Cleaners understands the importance of advanced disinfection services in combating infectious diseases. Our comprehensive approach includes environmentally conscious practices, adhering to strict state and federal regulations for handling and disposing of infectious waste.

At AAA Scene Cleaners, we prioritize compassionate support for distressed families and environmental responsibility. Our range of services includes:

  • Trauma, Suicide, and Crime Scene Cleaning
  • Forensic Cleaning
  • Decomposition Situational Cleaning
  • Fingerprint Dust Removal
  • Police and Emergency Response Vehicle Disinfection
  • Jail Cell Cleaning and Disinfection
  • Medical Waste and Sharps Disposal
  • Environmental Disinfection to Combat Infectious Diseases

With a commitment to excellence and safety, AAA Scene Cleaners stands ready to provide compassionate, professional, and thorough cleanup services, offering peace of mind during challenging times. Trust us to handle the aftermath with care, sensitivity, and expertise, ensuring a clean and safe environment.

OPEN 24/7/365


Firefighter Owned
Founder has 30+ years as a master firefighter.
Biohazard Master Technicians
Credentials validated through 3rd-party credentialing.
Open 24/7 and 365 days
Available anytime, day or night to assist when most needed.
ABRA Certified
Biohazard, Advanced Environmental Disinfection, and Hazard Materials certifications.
OSHA Compliant
Official certificate of competency issued in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act.
5 Star Service Reviews
Numerous 5-star reviews from pervious customers on Google and other review platforms.


Q&A with AAA Scene Cleaners

Q: Why Start a Biohazard Cleaning Company?

A: As a former crew lead Lieutenant for the Arlington Fire Department, I frequently encountered distressed families asking, “Are the police or you going to clean up this mess?” It became evident that specialized cleanup services were needed in such traumatic situations.

Q: What Inspired the Creation of AAA Scene Cleaners LLC?

A: In 2001, my cousin introduced me to the biohazard cleaning industry during a visit to Florida. Encouraged by him, I delved deeper into this field, eventually receiving certification and training. In 2004, AAA Scene Cleaners LLC was officially launched, marking the beginning of a journey dedicated to restoring safety and cleanliness in challenging environments.

Q: How Has the Company Evolved?

A: While my initial certification provided a foundation, I quickly realized that this job entails more than cleaning. Over the years, I’ve undergone additional training in grief counseling, chaplaincy, and victim assistance to better support those in need.

Q: What Guides Your Company’s Approach?

A: “Service with Compassion is our Purpose.” This motto guides every aspect of our work, ensuring that compassion is at the forefront of our service delivery.

Q: Who Comprises Your Team?

A: Our technicians are professional firefighters or trusted family members, each having undergone extensive background checks and CJIS compliance. We adhere to HIPAA guidelines to safeguard confidential information.

Q: How Do You Contribute to the Community?

A: We actively volunteer, including training assistance for organizations like the Denton County LOSS Team. Our commitment extends to tailoring our assistance to meet specific needs.

Q: What Certifications and Licenses Do You Hold?

A: We hold certifications such as Amdecon Biohazard Remediation Technician, ABRA Biohazard Remediation Technician with ANRA Master Certification, Texas State EMT-A Certification, Master Firefighter, and OSHA 40 in Construction Practices.

Q: Where Do You Provide Your Services?

A: We respond to calls for service across a wide area of Texas, specifically in North Texas. This includes to the Texas/Oklahoma border, the Killeen/Temple area to the west, and the Brownwood area to the east.

Q: How Do You Foster Collaboration with Your Clients?

A: We welcome meetings with departments and groups we serve, fostering open communication and trust-building. These meetings, dubbed “Stump the Chump,” provide an opportunity for dialogue and mutual understanding, ultimately enhancing our ability to serve your needs effectively.

In conclusion, AAA Scene Cleaners LLC is committed to providing compassionate and professional biohazard cleaning services. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you and your clients in need.

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